DCS Shipping & Engineering Co. Ltd., (Incorporated with Metalock Qingdao) provides on-site machining services which reduces logistic and cost related issues of transferring of major replacement of large equipments for this services to be carried out in workshops.

Our engineers & service technicians performed a number of on-site machining procedures including very large flange facing & surface machining. We can carry out these on-site machining works by mobilizing our tools/equipments & teams with very short notice.

We have wide know-how to fabricate tailor made tools for special surface machining on different cases. If we dson’t have the tool in our workshops we can fabricate it as per case.

We provide below services:

  • Surface milling

  • Small & large scale flange facing

  • Reaming

  • Sheared / Broken stud removal

  • Metal stitching of components (for example engine block crack repairs after a con-rod failure in cooling spaces or through out the engine casing)


Most often observed/Addressed problems

  • Leaking Mating Surfaces

  • Out Of Line Mating Surfaces

  • Worn out / Damaged Landing Surfaces

  • Corroded Guide Rails / Foundations

  • Seized/sheared bolts