Sometimes Crankshaft failures are not able to solved easily by machining or grinding of journals. Severe Crankshaft damages also affects the engine bearing these pockets should be repaired by line boring.

DCS Shipping & Engineering Co. Ltd., (Incorporated with Metalock Qingdao) provides in-situ line boring services as well as machining & grinding of crankshaft & journals with highly precision tools.

We can machine two or more bores in-line as well as the machining of all bores in long distance with highly skilled & experienced service teams & high-tech line boring tools.

Engine line boring advantages

  • Specially designed, portable In-Situ line boring equipments.

  • Specialized laser guided measuring /alignment equipment

  • A large team of Line Boring Specialists to ensure a rapid, expert service, holding valid seamen book.

  • Engineering experience familiar with different engine makes and their individual design.

  • Tailor made tool design capabilities & know-how for different type of repair cases