DCS Shipping & Engineering Co. Ltd., provides services covering all repair, reconditioning, maintenance of offshore, marine & land based equipment & installations.

Our Marine Electronics & Instrumention Department is capable of repairing, overhauling of a wide range of automation & control systems and our calibration services are available using master equipments in accordance with International Standards.

Services offered:

  • Starter & Control Panels

  • Engine Control System, Safety Devices & Alarms

  • Bridge / MCR Pneumatic Electrical Controls

  • Motors/Generator Service/Rewinding

  • Repair/Manufacture Printed Circuit Board

  • Circuit Breaker Repair/ Testing

  • Cables Lying /Termination

  • New installations & retrofits

  • Alpha Lubricator repair services

  • FIVA valves inspection, test & repairs

  • Electronic Controlled Diesel Engine trouble shooting & repair services