Our Crankshaft and Journal machining specialization includes

  • Machining and grinding of and crankpin journals up to 1080 mm dia

  • Grinding of main journals up to 1080 mm dia

  • Machining and grinding of crankpin fillets

  • Grinding of main journal fillets

  • Machining and grinding of tail shafts/shafting up to 1080 mm dia

  • Machining and grinding of damaged Journals for Steam and Hydro Turbines

  • Straightening of bent crankshafts

  • Machining or grinding of crankshaft thrust collars

  • Machining of coupling bolt holes (instead of reaming)

  • Honing and/or blue fitting of crankpin journals

DCS Shipping & Engineering Co. Ltd, (Incorporated with Metalock Qingdao) provides in-situ crankshaft & journal grinding & machining services world wide skilled & certified service technicians whom holding valid seamen book certificates for on board voyage repairs as well.

Metalock Engineering (Qingdao) Ltd. brand had been known by repair of diesel engine crankshafts in marine, industrial & Off shore sectors but also called for repair of rotating equipments including compressors, turbines, other shaft & journals.

We provide in-situ & on-site machining services to our Customers to reduce & eliminate down time of equipments or off-hire period of vessel’s due to severe engine & equipment troubles.

Also by using In-situ / On-site Machining Services; Owners/Managers will realize huge savings due to eliminating of disaasembly, removal, logistics, trasportations, custom due cost of  engines/equipments.

During the past 15 years Metalock Engineering (Qingdao) Ltd. had been offered tailor made services for any type engines & ship equipments with High tech precise on-site machining equipments & advanced know-how for repairing damaged engine crankshafts, engine blocks and other ship equipments by on-site repair teams who holds valid seamen books.

R & D of on-site equipments continously progressed from 2002 up to date by following the most advanced technological progresses.

Presently we are proud to offer high Tech-Service for Ship Owners/Managers for any kind of engine & equipment on-site repairs/in-situ machining requirements with most suitable & cost effective solutions.

Crankshaft and Journal machining advantages

  • The wide experience of having repaired over 300 crankshafts on any size Main or Auxiliary engine

  • Specially designed machining rigs for In-Situ reconditioning without dismantling the shaft deployed at Qingdao & other stations all around the globe

  • A large, global team of highly skilled In-Situ technicians to ensure a rapid, expert response anytime and anywhere who is holding seamen book certificates for easy attendance on board.