As being one of the most reliable service provider for Crankshaft Machining; our partner Metalock Engineering (Qingdao) Ltd., encountered may crankshaft failures which has excessive hardness due to heat during the incident. As you can imagine; loss of a crankshaft due to excessive hardness is very costly and causing long periods of down-time.

DCS Shipping & Engineering Co. Ltd., (Incorporated with Metalock Qingdao) provides expert crankshaft failure analysis and heat treatment/Annealing around the world globally with in-situ machining solutions which will minimize the down-time & prevents condemn of crankshaft.

Crankshaft hardeness can be removed by machining if still in Maker’s limits. When surface hardness is so high and exceed the Maker’s machining limits there is only two way: renewal of crankshaft or removal of surface hardness.

Our partner, Metalock Engineering (Qingdao) Ltd. has demonstrated the effective way of in-situ annealing process and has received BV Class Marine Approvals.

Over more than 5 years we’ve refined & improved our Annealing process and give our services to Owners proudfully.

We’ve experienced during past years that hardness can be succesfully removed via heat treatment of crankshafts and crankshafts can be saved with minimum machining on diameter and also ensure avoidance of costly shaft removal and replacement.